I am here to help

I am aware life can be difficult when you think it’s ok, suddenly the floor shakes and you are tipped upside down.

Having had counselling myself in the past, I really understand how much you can get out of talking to someone about an issue that is affecting you. To gain back confidence in yourself, to feel empowered and know what is the right thing to do for you. I do not offer advise or give you the answers, instead, I work with you to enable you to take control and decide the right path for you.

I can help with the following, although not limited to these issues:









However, the area I specialise in is working with clients who are in an unhappy relationship and who are not sure what to do. Do you stay or do you end that relationship?

Sometimes your head can feel so mixed up, its like balls of knitting wool all tangled together. The answers are there but how do you start to untangle them and know what to do.

Are you living your life in a relationship that you are no longer sure you want to be in but do not know if you can leave? Where would you live if you left, how would you cope financially, what about the children and what would your family and friends say? More importantly, how would you actually tell your partner you want to end years of being a couple.

Dont wait.

The time will never be

just right

- Mark Twain

Is it just easier to stay at least you will have someone, a home, money… yes better to stay BUT do you feel like the walls are closing in on you, like you are in prison? There must be more to life than this. Better to stay until their birthday is over, the summer holidays are over, Christmas is over.

Does your head feel like its about to explode as its clogged up with not knowing how to cope and what is best? Are all your friends and family giving you conflicting advice?

I have been in exactly that situation, I know how you are feeling. Just talking to someone openly and honestly about how you are really feeling can feel such a relief. Counselling will help you understand what is best for you and help you accept the choices you make. I will not tell you what you should do or not do. I will be there with you, to understand what is happening.

Get in touch with me for an appointment if you put it off, the problem will still be there tomorrow, next week, next month. Take that first step.